What is Salar Amazon?

SALAR AMAZON, we are an enterprise that was born in 1984 with the name of Fremen (now Salar Amazon). Back then our creative essence focused on the Bolivian Amazon, building the Flotel Reina de Enin and the Hotel El Puente in Chapare. In the year 2003 we made an important turn venturing in the Andes and Uyuni Salt Flats. We became partners with the Tayka Project, contributing to the solidarity development in the zone.

This new face of the enterprise encouraged us to further our will to invest in alternative undertakings in distant places, and specially, solidify our philosophy of a solidarity tourism allied with the local communities, and a responsible tourism.  

It is then that in the year 2011 we launched SALAR AMAZON to strengthen all the cohabiting work we have done with communities in Uyuni Salt Flats and to achieve that the friendly and brotherly commitment we have built with them benefit in their economy and the appreciation of their identity.

Our 27-year experience and philosophy of complementation with the indigenous communities and nature joins our own operating work in all Bolivia. Our local operator condition in Uyuni, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba and Beni makes possible a proposal from “the producer to the consumer” without the intermediation that raises the prices and makes communication, the program design and estimations slower. With this we offer the traveling groups a first-hand monitoring and a more authentic and committed contact with the richness and magic of the living culture and nature.

But besides, SALAR AMAZON emerges to launch to the market the Macroregion of Uyuni Salt Flats that comprehends the Bolivian southeast, the south of Peru, the north of Chile and the Argentinean northeast, product in which we’ve been working for many years and that we think is strategic for Bolivia

Why traveling with us?

We, Salar Amazon, are an enterprise specialized in eco-tourism and solidarity tourism allied with the communities in the Andes and Bolivia’s Amazon, one of the countries with the greatest number of native living cultures and which is, besides, among the eight countries with the largest biodiversity in the planet, fact that allows us to offer you very varied programs and with unique attractions in the whole world. 

Autonomous teams for a fast and efficient attention

Combining our 25 years of experience with the first day’s passion, we have gotten “disorganized” in small autonomous teams that have lifted the largest tourist infrastructure of Bolivia, with offices in La Paz, Santa Cruz, Cochabamba, Uyuni and Trinidad. 

Thanks to this organization we can attend your “explorer” demands better, taking into account your avidity for new experiences, your language, time and money.

Our amazon cruise and our jungle hotel

We have been pionners due to our own investments in the Amazon, in the Flat lands of Mojos with the Amazon Cruise Reina de Enin that goes through the Protected Municipal Area Ibare-Mamoré, as well as in the foggy forests of Chapare with the Jungle Hotel El Puente from which Carrasco National Park is visited.

Our community hotels in Uyuni Salt Flats

En los Andes, hemos incursionado en una sociedad audaz e innovadora con cuatro comunidades indígenas y una fundación, para construir la Red Tayka, cadena de cuatro hoteles de incomparable ubicación y calidad de servicios. Esto nospermite ofrecerle las ExpedicionesTayka en 4x4, que es la mejor propuesta para visitar elSalar de Uyuni y las lagunas Colorada y Verde en la Reserva de Flora y Fauna Eduardo Avaroa, vecina de San Pedro de Atacama y accesible también desde la Quebrada de Humahuaca y Salta.

In the Andes, we have ventured in an audacious and innovative partnership with four indigenous communities and a foundation to build the Tayka Network, chain of four hotels of unique location and service quality. This allows us to offer you the Tayka Expeditions in 4x4 which is the best proposal to visit the Salt Flats of Uyuni, and the lagoons Red and Green in the Flora and Fauna Reserve Eduardo Avaroa, San Pedro de Atacama’s neighbor and also accessible from the Ravine of Humahuaca and Salta.

Our accessible programs from Bolivia, Chile and Argentina: 

Perono nos restringimos únicamente a los Andes de Bolivia, también hemos incursionado en lo que llamamos la Macroregión del Salar de Uyuni: Salta, San Pedro de Atacama, Arica, La Paz y Potosí, como ramales turísticos en torno al gran Salar de Uyuni.

But we don’t restrict ourselves just to the Andes of Bolivia, we have ventured in what we call the Macroregion of Uyuni Salt Flats: Salta, San Pedro de Atacama, Arica, La Paz and Potosi, as tourist branches around the great Salt Flats of Uyuni.

We give you the best tourist offer with new philosophy

It is this way that the presence of our autonomous teams, offices and own investments in the Andes and the Amazon, form the best tourist offer to know this region, recognized in guide books like Lonely Planet for its excellent quality-price relation.

But this isn’t the only thing we offer you; we also give you the important and new possibility to travel with a new vision of the world that is expressed in our solidarity tourism and ecotourism proposal.

Solidarity tourism

The natural wonders of Bolivia contrast with its most vulnerable towns. Before this situation that afflicts the country, in Salar Amazon we have made our greatest primordial efforts to establish real commitments of tourist investment and management in and with the local communities.  

The Tayka Model is an audacious example of alliances among entrepreneurs, NGO and local communities that distributes the benefits fairly and works with the logic of symmetric human relationship. The “dollar per tourist” that emerges in 1995 in the Cruise Reina de Enin, is another contribution that permits to distribute benefits in small indigenous communities where each tourist leaves his dollar in retribution for the experiences only possible with native living towns and their marvelous surrounding. [+ Info]


They are 25 years of continuous work in ecotourism. We are promoters of a protected area; we have contributed to the creation of three more and the planning of a well carried tourism of other four, being, some of them, indigenous territories too. +info.  

We have also contributed to the incredible researching process of national and foreign biologists that has established that a river dolphin species or “bufeo” exists, the Iniaboliviensis, unique and entirely confined in the Amazonia of Bolivia.

 With this extraordinary country’s arms wide open, we invite you to delight your senses and tense your muscles in one of the most beautiful places of the world, joining in, at the same time, our passionate work to contribute to the conservation of Bolivia’s natural and cultural beauty, the north of Chile and Argentina! 


Travel with us! Don’t miss the chance to travel with adventure, comfort, biodiversity, culture and philosophy! Take advantage of the offer of making an entire tour


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