Dear traveler:

From Salar Amazon Tours (Bolivia) receive a message of trust, hope and solidarity with the world of travel, so affected by the pandemic in which we are living. For us, the most important objective is the health and social well-being, that is why the main premise of our plan to reestablish our trips and to put at your fingertips the reality of the “trip you dreamed of” is PEOPLE FIRST.

We send you the Salar Amazon Tours Protocol Zero Covid - 19, which incorporates an efficient prevention and security system into the recognized quality of our trips, so that you have a relaxed background in the organization of your expedition with us and you can enjoy it to fullness returning home healthy, renewed and "richer". Our preconditions, such as small groups for highly personalized trips, with high standards of innovation and quality, strong social inclusion and delicacy with nature, are the solid foundation for the best performance of Zero Covid - 19.


If you already have a reservation do not cancel it! You can postpone the date and re-schedule your trip! We have special offers and the greatest flexibility in prices and cancellation policies, in the case that unforeseen circumstances make them necessary. We share with you the desire to do the trip. Today: Stay home. Tomorrow: Lets travel!
Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We are happy and gratified to assist you to your measure.

We are waiting for you!





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