From Salar Amazon Tours, Bolivia for the world.

Yes. The corona virus continues to fill most of our space.

Yes. Coronavirus statistics remain central to the news and media that we all see and follow.
Yes. The desire to return to normality and resume our daily activities is our goal.
No. Do not stop dreaming of the trips that you have already organized or that you have planned. Traveling is one of the best ways to relax your mind, relieve stress and reconnect with the world.

Bolivia is the heart of South America and a synthesis of the continent. We really have everything and what we have is truly breathtaking: the landscapes, the ecosystems, the cultures and the people.

As Salar Amazon Tours, we would like to show you what we have to offer and what we do, so that your spirit, even if only for a moment, can be in these most magical places in Bolivia: THE TRILOGY OF TOURISM IN BOLIVIA.

The first destiny is the “Salar (saltlake) of Uyuni, white desert and colored lagoons”. Little more can be said about this travel destination, which many travel magazines and blogs call the WORLD’S most fascinating place. This is where we have the heart of our company, a local operator, rooted in Uyuni, and a unique route where we organize, with a team of drivers (we assure you they are the best) who are also proud owners of their Toyotas Land Cruiser 4×4, the tours in a personalized way and lead you to the hidden and less visited attractions with the greatest charisma in the region.

The second destination is the Sacred Lake of the Incas, Lake Titicaca: cradle of the Inca Empire and still the cradle of many ancient but living cultures, such as the Urus and Aymaras. Based in La Paz, we have our second operator, Addventure. Under the leadership of two young entrepreneurs and adventurers, this unit is the expert for the lake and the sun island, and also specializes in the Cordillera Real (Royal Mountain Range) for all the most adventurous and lovers of mountains and glaciers.

And the third destiny of the trilogy is Los llanos de Mojos (The Plains of Mojos), one of the largest wetlands in the Amazon and in the world. In this earthly paradise, which is protected by a gigantic annual flood and is gaining increasing scientific interest worldwide, we have the Flotel Reina de Enin (Amazon cruiser: The Queen of Enin). If we have the heart in Uyuni and the thrust of the company in Lake Titicaca, we can say that we have the soul and inspiration of the company in Los Llanos de Mojos. The Flotel Reina de Enin is the “dream maker” that Salar Amazon Tours makes available to all travelers.

Once you’re in Bolivia, you need to experience the Salar Amazon Tours trilogy. A film with three spectacular chapters, which are characterized by the concept “From producer to consumer”. And then, seduced by our offer that goes beyond Bolivia, a detour to explore our neighbors: Argentina with its valleys and the northwest puna, Chile, in the Atacama Desert, experienced by an Ayllu and the native Atacameños, and Peru, with Cusco and Machupijchu, we continue the thread of culture and history, to Tiwanaku and to the island of the sun. What a bouquet of unique and indispensable trips !!!!.

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