GENERAL PROGRAMMING Flotel Queen of Enín Dry Season ProgramFrom May to October 2014 2 to 7 days

Circuit:Mamore Ibare Municipal Protected Area in the Bolivian Amazon.




This program is an example (subject to changes according to the operational conditions, the climate, boarding day and the passengers' specific interest ). This route can also be carried out in the inverse sense or be used for the entrances or exits the ports of Ballivián and Almacen in the river Ibare or Barador or the Bridges in the river Mamoré. 

Example of route of DRY SEASON: During this time the constant displacements of the banks of sand, some days, they can hinder the sailing of the flotel. We assure the execution of the program in smaller crafts in the case that the flotel can only navigate in other parts of the river. 

When approaching the flotel the captain will inform you about the localization of the flotel and the programmed activities of the day. 


1st day


Reception in the airport of Trinidad. Terrestrial transfer to the Protected Area Ibare Mamoré, port The Bridges (18 Km to the west). Boarding onto the Flotel Queen of Enín and from their terraces search of the bufeo or Bolivian dolphin. Sailing through the river Mamoré, the biggest in Bolivia. During the course observation of the variety of animals in the banks. Arrival to the community yuracaré of San Renato (or another alternative community). Visit to the community and exchange of experiences with their inhabitants. 

With the purpose of knowing each tourist's personal desires, at night after dinner the company will share board games and informative chats about the region. 


2nd day


Search of the solitary beaches of the river to take baths with the ambassadors of Beni, the friendly bufeos. 

For those that finish their trip, in the afternoon we go fishing in smaller boats, to strategic places in the river, where with luck we will be able to capture fish like the piranhas, the general and different species of bagres. Return to Trinidad in smaller crafts to the corresponding port.  


Complete meals on the Flotel. 


Approach toward the estancia El Carmen, where a 90-mintue-cavalcade will be carried out in a journey that combines the savanna or pampa mojeña with the representative gallery forests of the Plains of Mojos. In the journey different species of aquatic and typical birds of the pampas, such as: batos, manguarís, herons and parrots will be observed.  

At night after dinner using a small aluminum boat we will leave to a "photographic safari" in search of yacare caimans.  

Complete meals on the Flotel. 


3rd day


In the area we will carry out a walk through the forest of 2 hrs approx., in which besides the recognition of very representative native species of flora, such as the bibosi, the coquino, ochoó, peloto, patujú and others, with luck we will observe some mammals like squirrel monkeys and howling monkeys or manechis. In the afternoon we will navigate toward the area of Villa Victoria concluding with a refreshing abubuya bath (to let oneself be taken by the current of the river with the help of a float and the support of a boat), other form of looking for the company of the bufeos. Complete meals on the Flotel. 


If you conclude the trip now, on board of a fast boat return to the port Los Puentes or of the Loma Suárez, in the river Ibare, from where the transport to the airport will be done according to the flight itinerary. 


At night after dinner, night walk in boat returning to the flotel to bobuya on board the boat to enjoy the silence, to listen the different night sounds of the animals and to observe the starry sky of the region. 


Complete meals on the Flotel. 



4th day


In the morning we will navigate toward the fork of the rivers Mamoré and Ibare, the heart of the Protected Area (in certain occasions the very low level of the waters makes possible to make this trip only in smaller boats) place in which many types of animals meet because of the difference of the water temperature, where we will enjoy once again of taking a bath in the river in company of the friendly bufeos. In the afternoon paddle experience in cayax or canoe of a single wooden piece. Complete meals on the Flotel. 


For those who leave return to the port Los Puentes or of the Loma Suárez, in the river Ibare, on board a fast boat from where the transport will be made to the airport according to the flight itinerary. D+A.


5th, 6th and 7th days


According to the passengers' preferences, the program can be adapted for the realization of the following optional activities: 


- For those fond of fishing, there is the possibility of carrying out this activity during the whole day, being possible the capture of species like the piranha, the pacú, tambaqui, doradillo, ventón, tucunare and others.  


- Walk at first hour of the day, for those interested in ornithological observation, in forest and open field in the estancia  "El Carmen", being possible the recognition of even more than 30 species.   


- Long cavalcade, approximately of 3 hrs, toward the estancia Caracoré, at a distance of 6km. 


- All day walk through the forest, among the rivers Mamoré and Ibare, this way we'll appreciate the resources of the forest better and we will have bigger option of fauna sighting.  


They include: 

. Transfer.

. Guides in Spanish and English.

. All meals (according to the day program) (B= Breakfast, L= Lunch, D= Dinner).

. Mineral water during the meals.

. 1 mineral water ½ liter, per night (buccal cleansing).  


 They don't include: 

. Consumption during the trips.

. Airplane tickets, insurance, airport rate (2 $ for national flights and 25 $ for international flights).

. Tips and consumption of drinks with or without alcohol besides the feeding. 


 What to take? 


The region of the Beni has a warm and humid climate. We recommend to take slight cotton clothes that cover arms and legs, sunblock, sunglasses, hat or cap, bathing suit and sandals (on the ship you circulate without shoes). For the walks in the forest we also recommend a poncho for the rain and a pair of shoes to walk in the mud. Moquito repellent and a lantern. Due to the occasional cold fronts of the south, we recommend to take some warm clothes that could be useful. 


 Important: As measure of security, each tourist will take passport photocopies and individual insurance. 


Note:This program is indicative subject to changes according to the operational conditions, the climate and the specific passengers' interest or for external reasons (geographical accidents, strikes, climatic factors, state of roads, dispositions of authorities, etc.) the company reserves the right of altering partially and totally the foreseen itinerary. 

If in this case the duration of the program had to be prolonged, the extraordinary costs are not included in the package. And the passenger won't be able to demand any compensation for lost of flights or others caused by this class of alterations. 


This route can also be carried out in the inverse sense.  


CANCELLATIONS:The following rate will be applied according to the communicated waiver of the trip: 


Between 20 and 3 days before departure                          10%

Between 72 and 24 hours before departure                      50% 

The day of departure                                                               100%


RIGHT OF BEHAVIOR: The company reserves the right of evicting the tourist that for any reason (behavior, state of health, etc.) that is constituted in a nuisance for the other members of the group and it can waste the success of the trip. The corresponding amount of the not used days will be reimbursed  


Children:Suitable for all the ages. 


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