PISIGA - HITO CAJONES (Salt Flats & Lagoons) 4 days






DAY 1: Pisiga – Tahua (Hotel Tayka of Salt) (Bx, D)


10:00    Pisiga – Salt flats of Coipasa

                Punta Arenas – Llica (Box Lunch)

                Chiquini –Tahua – Hotel



The Salt Flats of Coipasa takes more time than that of Uyuni to become accessible after the rainy season, for what there is one period, until June approximately that from Pisiga to Tahua, this alternative route should be taken, that modifies the price considering that they are more kilometers of journey 


Option A:More asphalt but with worse ballast stretches


10:00    Pisiga – Crossing Copacabanita (Asphalt)

                Crossing – Avaroa (Asphalt)

                Avaroa – San Martin (Secondary ballast road) (Box lunch)

Salinas Garci Mendoza (Ballast embankment)

Tahua –Hotel (Secondary ballast road)


Option B:Less asphalt but with embanked ballast stretches and more operable because of rain


10:00    Pisiga – Crossing Copacabanita (Asphalt)

Crossing – Laca Laca (Andamarca) (Ballast embankment)

San Martin (Ballast embankment) (Box lunch)

Salinas Garci Mendoza (Ballast embankment)

Tahua –Hotel (Secondary ballast road)


DAY 2: Tahua – San Pedro de Quemes (Hotel Tayka of Stone) (B, L, D)


09:00    Tahua – Chantani Museum - Coquesa

Mummies of Coquesa – Incahuasi Island (Lunch)

Campanas Islands – Canyon of Kamancha in Sinalaco

                 Cuye – San Pedrode Quemes



DAY 3: San Pedro de Quemes – Ojo de Perdiz (Hotel Tayka of the Desert) (B, Bx, D)


08:30    San Pedro de Quemes – Pueblo Quemado (Burnt town)

                Llama grazing

                Pueblo Refugio (Hide town)

Volcano Ollagüe – Cañapa Lagoon  - Hedionda Lagoon (Box lunch)

Chiarkota Lagoon – Honda Lagoon – Ramaditas Lagoon

Ojo de Perdiz



DAY 4: Ojo de Perdiz – Hito Cajones (B, Bx)


05:30    Ojito de Perdiz - Tree of Stone

Red Lagoon– Geyser de Sol de Mañana

Polques Hot Springs (Desert and Salt Flats of Chalviri)

Valley of las Damas – Green Lagoon – Hito Cajón

(Box Lunch - Cross the border)


  • During the winter Bolivia and Chile keep the same time, but during the summer, from September to Mars (dates aren’t fixed) Chile sets clocks one hour forward its official time in relation to Bolivia.


  • During occasional strong snowfalls present in this zone in Winter, between June and August, the authorities of either of the two countries close Hito Cajones, reason why the border crossing is moved to Avaroa / Ollagüe.



End of the program in Hito Cajones.




·    Logistics Support and 24 hour duty phone.

·    Spanish speaking guide.

·    Private or shared transportation (acording to the program).

-          Two Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 sleeps, equipped with satellite phone, basic medical kit, oxygen tank and fire extinguisher.

·    Accommodation according to the program, based on double occupancy in standard rooms, heating, private bathroom and hot water. In case of unavailability, hotels of same category will be proposed with the consequent modification of the program.

·    Full meals (B = Breakfast L = Lunch D = Dinner Bx = Box lunch).

·    Snack and mineral water in the car.

·    Entrance to sites visited and overnight at Tayka Hotels.

·    All the services were quoted as described in the itinerary.


Not Included:


·    Meals not contained in itinerary.

·    Flight tickets.

·    Airport taxes.

·    Travel insurance, tips and other personal expenses.

·    What is not described in the program.




The trip to the Salar de Uyuni:This is an adventure course in an area of particular interest, both for its landscape and its ecology, for those who want to enjoy nature manifested in rather peculiar ways, some of them unique in their gender, but bear in mind that the infrastructure is very poor. This expedition in the deserts of southern Bolivia requires an effort. Worth doing and we guarantee that your memories and photographs will not have competition. For our part we will bring the journey from beginning to end, with all measures of safety and comfort to us.


To avoid altitude sickness sorojche orrecommended not getting much exercise on the first day, eat light (at the height of digestion is very slow), take coca tea and try not to smoke or consume alcoholic beverages. There are some pills Sorojchipil sales calls all pharmacies that may be useful. If you have no medical contraindications can take as a preventative the Nolotil.


Recommendationsfor the Puna and the Salar de Uyuni: The highlands and the Salar de Uyuni have very cold weather, windy and high solar radiation. By day usually sunny and the temperature is pleasant. Are recommended:


-       A warm sweater.

-       Heavy jacket.

-       Woolen gloves.

-       Wool socks.

     Chulo (hat) of wool.

-       Cap covering the sun very well.

-       Boots closed.

-       Towel.

-       Lip Moisturizer.

-       Sunscreen of 30 or more.

-       Very dark sunglasses with UV filter.

-       Flashlight.

-       Between December and April is recommended to wear a raincoat or Raincoat.

-       Swimsuit (you can swim in the hot springs)




1.                     The tour itinerary can be modified according to air schedules and climatic and social conditions present in each area to visit.

2.                     Rates are subject to change without notice due to changes in the regulation of local policies of suppliers or for reasons of force majeure.

3.                     This quotation does not imply any reservation and / or confirmation of services, leaving both itinerary and price, subject to confirmation and / or modifications to the time of booking.






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