Responsible Tourism

Tour vivencial en comunidad Andina - Pastoreo de Llamas con Salar AmazonIf you decide to travel with us you must know that you are being a very important part of an im- portant  cultural and economic commitment with the communities of the zone as a foundation of our solidarity tourism offer, and that of responsible tourism as well, since we have made an ecological and cultural commitment with the zone: the mythical volcano Thunupa and the salt flats of Uyuni, unbreakable unity because, according to the myth of Thunupa, from the mother’s milk poured from the full breasts of this character, the salt sea that constitutes this heavenly place of the world was formed.



There are many communities to which you will benefit in Uyuni salt flats, supporting the community development in the zone. Most of them are partners of the hotels Tayka:

. Tahua -  Community Development : Hotel of Salt

.  San Pedro de Quemes – Community Development: Hotel of Stoneexperience-based shepherding tour

. Soniquera – Community Development: Hotel of the Desert Ojito de Perdiz.

. San Pablo de Lipez - Community Development: Hotel of the Volcanoes

.  Chiquini - Community Development: Tours the Cathedral, the Pukara and the Cave. New exclusive attraction!

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